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IDC i4
IDC i4 IDC i4 IDC i4 IDC i4
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The i4 is a Premium Bluetooth Audio Receiver made by IDC with 4 in 1 capabilities

Version 4.0 Bluetooth with apt-X - 2 in 1 with 30 Pin & Built In 3.5mm AUX - Built In Mic - Hands Free on your Home Stereo or Car - Control With Siri/S-Voice.

Turn Your Docking Station Bluetooth for Wireless Music

Do you find it annoying having to keep getting up to change your music on your iphone/ipod/Ipad? Want to stream your music from other devices such as your Laptop/Mac or Samsung Phone/Tablet? This premium adapter will make your Dock/Speaker/Headphones/TV wireless. It works with all Bluetooth enabled devices so not only can you use this with all Apple products, you can now play music through your Dock/Speaker/Headphones using non Apple devices such as your Samsung or Laptops. Imagine just being able to sit on your sofa and have wireless music and control it with your smart phone or tablet. The i4 will let you do this.

This isn't a standard receiver - It has four in one capabilities with a very high spec. Please read points above and spec below for details. You will be blown away with the functionality of this receiver. Why compromise on the music you love?


  • Latest CSR 4.0 version chip set inside with aptX. Version 4 is the latest Bluetooth software and aptX gives the best audio quality you can get. It will sound better than having your device connected to your Dock Or speaker. Transmission distance up to 15 feet. Works in any room - Large or small - Crystal Clear Audio!! The apt-X chip gives your Speaker/Dock added Crystal clear quality. No need to buy a new expensive dock with aptX capabilities - buy the i4.
  • Two in One - 30 Pin (Ipod/iphone size) & 3.5mm AUX Inputs. Can be powered directly from your 30 pin Dock/Speaker or via 3.5mm AUX input. This means it will cover 99.9% of the market. Other receivers wont work on all Docks/Speakers. The i4 can also be used in the car for playing your music and use as a 'hands-free'. It can also be used to turn normal Earphones/Headphones Bluetooth - Just plug your Headphones/Earphones into the i4 to pair with your device. Great for jogging/exercise.
  • Built In powerful Lithium battery for 12 hours use when using in the AUX mode. This means it can be used for mobile docks/speakers via the AUX input. Automatic battery indicator on your smart phone showing battery levels. The internal battery means in can work via the 30 pin on older 12v docks like the Bose 1st Gen or old Apple Docks. PLEASE NOTE!! IF you own a Bose 1st Gen or older 12v dock, just charge the i4 via your iphone lead once the battery dies.
  • Built In Mic to take calls through your Dock/Speaker/Headphones. Use the i4 to play Music in your car & stay legal with using it as hands-free. Can use Siri/S-Voice allowing you to make phone calls, send messages or schedule meetings etc- all through hands-free. Turn your Dock/Speaker 'hands-free' for wireless calls through Skype or Facetime etc.
  • Auto-pair function. Just pair once and never pair again. Remembers up to 8 devices. Smart technology to pair within seconds. Works with all Bluetooth enabled devices; Laptops, iPhones, Ipads, MP3 Players etc. Don't just limit your Dock to Apple devices. Now use it with Samsung/Android Products. Buying the iphone 6, but your dock is for the iphone 4/4s. This adapter will solve that. Don't buy a new dock - Buy the i4. The i4 Supports all media Apps like spotify Youtube etc!


* Easy to use by connecting directly to a 30 pin dock or 3.5mm AUX
*Bluetooth Profile - 4.0. Latest Version Codec: apt-X - QuSupports A2DP
* Battery: Rechargable Lithium - 12 hours playback - 2 hours charge time - Standby 10 days
* Powered directly from your 5/12v dock or via 3.5mm AUX input.
* Control media playback on remote devices - Supports A2DP
* Compatible with all Bluetooth devices Transmission distance: up to 15 feet and even in other rooms
* Slim and Portable Design - Finished in Piano Gloss.

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