I am having trouble ordering online, what can i do?

At the bottom of the page, go to customer services and contact us. You can either call us on 01789 400428, or fill in the contact form and one of team will call you back to help you place your order.

How will I know if the Iblu bluetooth transmitter is compatible for my ipod?

It is compatible with all non-bluetooth ipods made after 2007. Please Google 'Ipod Generations' if unsure what year your iPod was made or check the 'Apple Support' page.  Below are some links to help you find your ipod.  




COMPATIBLE WITH ALL NON BLUETOOTH IPODS MADE AFTER 2007: This adapter will work with all iPods made AFTER 2007. Please Google 'Ipod Generations if unsure what year your iPod was made. Check the 'Apple support' page. IDC have other solutions if your Ipod was made before 2007. Please Email or see IDC Audio Visual site under FAQ. Compatible With (but not limited to) iPod Touch (3rd, 4th), iPod Nano (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th), iPod Video, iPod Mini, iPod Classic.

Trouble Shooting Guide for BluTape

Q. My smart phone doesn't show BluTape in the bluetooth settings?  A. You have not held down the button long enough to pair.  Please hold for 7-8 seconds until it is flashing quickly to indicate its in pairing mode.  Please Note: it may also say 'Bluetooth' instead of BluTape in your Bluetooth settings.  

Q. The sound is not very clear or low.  A. Please eject and turn the tape round.  The BluTape needs to be Inserted with the writing facing you.  If the sound is still not clear, please un-pair and go through the pairing process again as mentioned in the instructions.  

Q. Why does the device not sound very clear when using it for hand-free calling.  A. There is no Mic on the device as the device as it will be concealed in your cassette player.  Just make sure you have your phone near when talking so the Mic on your phone can pick up your voice.  Eg on your dash in the car or passenger seat.  If your music cuts out and the call comes through your phone, your car system is incompatible for hands-free calling with the BluTape.    There is not a 'one fits all' solution for hands-free calling and due to the amount of car stereo manufactures we are on unsure on which models support hands-free calling.  

Q. Whats the Auto On/Off function? The Auto on/off function is once the BluTape is paired to your device.  It WILL NOT turn on automatically by inserting into your car stereo system.   It will need to be paired as described in the instructions. 

Q. Can i charge and listen at the same time.  A. Unfortuately you can't as you wont be able to get the cable into your cassette player once in play.  IOS devices will give a battery indicator to show battery levels.  

Will the i4 bluetooth music receiver work with a Bose 1st generation docking station?

Yes it will as it has an internal battery. It is the only receiver on the market to work with the Bose first generation.

Do you have an ipod transmitter for ipods made before 2007?

The only option you have is to use an AUX transmitter which connects via the headphone jack.  The product is located below for details. https://www.idc-audiovisual.co.uk/Bluetooth%204.0%20Audio%20Music%20Transmitter


What is the difference between the i3 and i4?

The i4 has an aptx chip in and has much better compatibility than the i3.

What is the difference between a receiver and a transmitter?

A receiver is used for speakers and headphones, whereas our transmitters are generaly used for ipods and televisions.We do have a 2in1 receiver and transmitter that will allow you to do both.

Do IDC products come with a warranty?

Yes. All IDC products come with 1 year manufacturer warranty.



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